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Informatik 5
Information Systems
Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Klaus Weidenhaupt - Publications

Using Developers' Experience in Cooperative Design Processes
Published in M. Nagl and W. Marquardt (eds): Collaborative and Distributed Chemical Engineering. From Understanding to Substantial Design Process Support. LNCS 4970, Springer Verlag Berlin Heidelberg (2008) by Michail Miatidis, Matthias Jarke, Klaus Weidenhaupt
A Flowsheet Centered Architecture for Conceptual Design
Published in ESCAPE-11, Kolding, Denmark, 27-30.5.2001 by B. Bayer, W. Marquardt, Klaus Weidenhaupt, Matthias Jarke
Improving Reviews of Conceptual Models by Extended Traceability to Captured System Usage
Published in Interacting with Computers, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 77-95, Elsevier Science, September 2000 by Peter Haumer, Matthias Jarke, Klaus Pohl, Klaus Weidenhaupt
Informationsmodelle als Grundlage eines integrierten Werkzeugverbundes für den verfahrenstechnischen Entwurf
Published in Posterbeitrag zur Sitzung des GVC/DECHEMA-Fachausschusses “Prozess- und Anlagentechnik”, Bad Honnef (1999) by B. Bayer, R. Schneider, Klaus Weidenhaupt, Matthias Jarke, W. Marquardt
Prozessintegrierte Designwerkzeuge für die Verfahrenstechnik
Published in Proc. der Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik, Informatik '99, Paderborn, Germany, Oct. 1999, S. 305-313 by Klaus Weidenhaupt, B. Bayer
A Process-Integrated Conceptual Design Environment for Chemical Engineering
Published in Invited Keynote Paper, Proc. 18th Intl. Conf. on Conceptual Modeling (ER '99), Paris, Frankreich (1999), 520-537. by Matthias Jarke, Thomas List, Klaus Weidenhaupt
Improving Reviews by Extended Traceability
Published in Proceedings of the Thirty-Second Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-32), CDROM, Minitrack on Scenario-Based System Development in the Emerging Technologies Track, Jan. 1999. by Peter Haumer, Klaus Pohl, Klaus Weidenhaupt, Matthias Jarke
PRIME: Toward Process-Integrated Modeling Environments
Published in ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology, Vol. 8, No. 4, 343-410, 1999. by Klaus Pohl, Klaus Weidenhaupt, Ralf Dömges, Peter Haumer, Matthias Jarke, Ralf Klamma
Scenario Usage in System Development: A Report on Current Practice - Extented Abstract
Published in Proc. of the Third IEEE Intl. Conference on Requirements Engineering (ICRE 98), Colorado, USA, 9.-12. April 1998 by Klaus Weidenhaupt, Klaus Pohl, Matthias Jarke, Peter Haumer
Prozeßintegration in PRIME: Modelle, Architektur und Vorgehensweise
Published in Softwaretechnik 98, Paderborn, September 1998 (ebenfalls in GI Softwaretechniktrends 18(3), August, 1998) by Klaus Pohl, Klaus Weidenhaupt, Ralf Dömges, Peter Haumer, Matthias Jarke
CASE Environment Adaptability: Bridging the Islands of Automation
Published in March, S.T. und Bubenko, J. (eds.): Proceedings of the 8th Annual Workshop on Information Technologies andSystems (WITS 98), 1998, pp. 115-125 by K. Lyytinen, P. Marttiin, J.-P. Tolvanen, Matthias Jarke, Klaus Pohl, Klaus Weidenhaupt
Meta Modelling: A Formal Basis for Interoperability and Adaptability
Published in B.Krämer, M.Papazoglou, J.-W.Schmidt (eds.), Information SystemsInteroperability, John Wiley Research Science Press, pp. 229-263, 1998 by Matthias Jarke, Klaus Pohl, Klaus Weidenhaupt, K. Lyytinen, P. Marttiin, J.-P. Tolvanen, M. Papazoglou
Abstraction Guides: Interrelating Conceptual Models with Real World Scenes
Published in Fourth International Workshop on Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality (RESFQ), Pisa, Italy, June 8th-9th, 1998 by Peter Haumer, Klaus Pohl, Klaus Weidenhaupt
Survey on the Scenario Use in Twelve Selected Industrial Projects
Published in Aachener Informatik Berichte, 98-7, 1998 by M. Arnold, M. Erdmann, M. Glinz, Peter Haumer, R. Knoll, B. Paech, Klaus Pohl, J. Ryser, R. Studer, Klaus Weidenhaupt
Scenario management in software development: current practice
Published in IEEE Software, March 1998, pp. 34-45 (Best papers from 3rd International Conference on Requirements Engineering, Colorado Springs, 1998) by Klaus Weidenhaupt, Klaus Pohl, Matthias Jarke, Peter Haumer
Requirements Elicitation and Validation with Real World Scenes
Published in IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering: Special Issue on Scenario Management 24(12), pp. 1036-1054, December 1998 by Peter Haumer, Klaus Pohl, Klaus Weidenhaupt
A Contextual Approach for Process Integrated Tools
Published in Proceedings of the Sixth European Software Engineering Conference andFoundation of Software Engineering (ESEC/FSE '97), Zürich, September1997 by Klaus Pohl, Klaus Weidenhaupt
Scenario Use in European Software Organizations - Results From Site Visits and Questionnaires
Published in CREWS Report Series, Report 97-10, RWTH Aachen, LS Informatik V, available on the WWW at by Matthias Jarke, Klaus Pohl, Peter Haumer, Klaus Weidenhaupt, E. Dubois, P. Heymans, C. Rolland, C. Ben Achour, C. Cauvet, J. Ralyté, A. Sutcliffe, N. A. M. Maiden, S. Minocha
PRO-ART: Erfassung und Verwaltung von Anforderungshistorien GI-Fachgruppe 2.5.2 EMISA "Entwicklungsmethoden fuer Informationssysteme und deren Anwendung"
Published in A. Oberweis (Hrsg.), Proceedings Fachgruppentreffen 1995, "Requirements Engineering für Informationssysteme", Universität Karlsruhe, 12.-13.10.1995 by Klaus Pohl, Ralf Dömges, Peter Haumer, Ralf Klamma, Klaus Weidenhaupt