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Informatik 5
Information Systems
Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Courses offered in SS 11

  • Lecture: Datenbanken und Informationssysteme

  • Die Vorlesung gibt einen einführenden Überblick über Datenbanken und ihre Verwendung in Informationssystemen

  • Lecture: Distributed Systems and Middleware

  • The lecture covers the basic principles of distributed systems, e.g. communication, parallelization, distributed transactions, replication, synchronization, middleware.

  • Proseminar: Datenbanken und Informationssysteme (Proseminar)

  • Seminar: Algorithms for Complex Networks

  • Networks play a central role in many sectors employing information technology, such as communication, mobility, and transport, social interactions and political activities. Its complex and nearly incomprehensible entanglements of various structures and its huge effect on seemingly unrelated institutions and organizations, the need to understand large networks, their complex structures, and the processes governing them is becoming very important for many application areas and use cases, such as recommender systems, overlapping communities, mobile communities, multimedia networks, software artifact networks, software repositories, digital libraries, web 2.0 artifacts, XMPP protocol artifacts, innovation networks and learning networks. To analyze existing large and complex networks and to design new and more efficient algorithms for solving various problems on these networks is an important task since many of them have become so large and complex that classical algorithms are not sufficient anymore. This seminar tries to get an overview on existing algorithms and open research challenges leading to future research to be carried out in master thesis and Phd thesis work.

  • Practical course (advanced level): Hightech Entrepreneurship and new Media

  • The course combines tutorials and lectures on the development of complex information products with practical experience in start-ups on specific and typical IT-related problems of the companies taking part in the lab. Integrated into the concept of this course is the development of presentation and other soft skills.

  • Practical course (advanced level): CSCW Experience Lab

  • The goal of this lab is to gain practical experience in collaboration by working on a selected project. Each student team will work on one project under different collaborative settings (synchronously, asynchronously, face-to-face, remote).

  • Practical course (advanced level): Accenture Campus Challenge 2011: Wettbewerbsvorteile durch Smart Sustainability

  • Die Campus Challenge ist ein Wettbewerb, bei dem Sie als Team im Frühjahr/Sommer 2011die Möglichkeit haben, Ihre wissenschaftlichen Methoden und Kenntnisse mit unternehmerischem Denken und unternehmerischer Umsetzungsfähigkeit zu kombinieren. Das Projekt wird von der Ideenfindung bis hin zur Präsentation Ihres Konzeptes vor einer hochkarätigen Jury am deutschen Hauptsitz von Accenture in Frankfurt/Kronberg intensiv durch Accenture-Coaches und die Betreuer der RWTH begleitet.