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Informatik 5
Information Systems
Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Algorithms for Complex Networks

Networks play a central role in many sectors employing information technology, such as communication, mobility, and transport, social interactions and political activities. Its complex and nearly incomprehensible entanglements of various structures and its huge effect on seemingly unrelated institutions and organizations, the need to understand large networks, their complex structures, and the processes governing them is becoming very important for many application areas and use cases, such as recommender systems, overlapping communities, mobile communities, multimedia networks, software artifact networks, software repositories, digital libraries, web 2.0 artifacts, XMPP protocol artifacts, innovation networks and learning networks. To analyze existing large and complex networks and to design new and more efficient algorithms for solving various problems on these networks is an important task since many of them have become so large and complex that classical algorithms are not sufficient anymore. This seminar tries to get an overview on existing algorithms and open research challenges leading to future research to be carried out in master thesis and Phd thesis work.

Assignment of topics

Topic Supervisor Student Matr.-num.
 1 Analysis of Human Mobile Networks Dejan Kovachev 275637
 2 Large-scale Network Analysis using Cloud Computing Dejan Kovachev 261603
 3  Clustering Techniques for Collaborative Filtering Recommendation  Choung Pham  281314
 4  Recommendation based on Random Walk  Choung Pham  306986
 5  Recommender Systems in Digital Libraries  Choung Pham  223735
 6  Link Prediction  Choung Pham  290333
 7  Overlapping Communities  Choung Pham  252420
 8  Sensor Networks  Dominik Renzel  288877
 9  Ranking and Node Importance  Khaled Rashed  290510
 10  Community Detection  Anna Hanemmann  298808
 11  Tagging Networks  Yiwei Cao  299494
 12  Information Diffusion  Yiwei Cao  282037

Course dates

Meeting typeDatesRoom
Presentations 04. Jul 2011 00:00 - 05. Jul 2011 00:00 6202


There will be a introductory meeting on April 14, 3 pm in the seminar room of i5 (6202).

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