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CSCW Experience Lab

Typ Wöchentliche(r/s) Praktikum (Hauptstudium)
Semester SS 12
  • Wolfgang Gräther

The goal of this lab is to gain practical experience in collaboration by working on a project called Lightweight Collaboration Suite. Each student team consisting of three students will work on one subproject under different collaborative settings (synchronously, asynchronously, face-to-face, remote).

In addition each student team has to write a contribution (paper, note, demonstration, experience report) for a core computer science conference such as CSCW, CHI, Percom, Pervasive, MobileHCI, etc.


Social Profile, Group and Awareness

Communication Microblogging, Activity Streams, Discussions

Cooperation Sharing Notes, ToDos, Image, Video

Coordination Votes, Polls


TypDatumRaumBeginn ab
Wöchentliches Treffen Friday, 10:00 - 15:00 FIT Fraunhofer C5-418 13. April 2012


Master students: Bachelor degree
Diploma students: Vordiplom
Attendance of the lectures Computer Supported Cooperative Work