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Web Science Seminar

Type Seminar
Term SS 12
Campus visit

Twenty years after the birth of the World Wide Web, Web Science has been becoming a new study field in Computer Science. This seminar researches advanced theoretical and practical topics in Web Science probably leading to master thesis topics. Topics include but are not limited to: Linked Data, Trend Analysis, Open Data Initiatives, Media Classification and Analysis, Web Metadata, Folksonomies, Tagging Networks, Web User Modelling and Analysis (User Behavior, Social Interaction), Communities and Web Lifestyles, Web Analysis, Web Search, Collaborative Information Management (Collaborative Production, collective Intelligence), Adaptive Web Hypermedia, Cloud Computing, Advanced Web Protocols (XMPP), Web Services and Web Application Engineering.

Topic Assignment

After the introductory meeting on Feb 27, 2012, the following topic assignments could be made. All students having participated in the introductory meeting could get their first topic choice. All students not having participated were assigned the remaining topics randomly. Some topic assignments might change after individual student withdrawal. We will exclusively re-assign these topics to students on our waiting list.     

Topic      Supervisor        Student
Large Scale Web Data Analysis      Kovachev        314299
Learning Analytics      Derntl        302471
Topic Modeling      Derntl        314711
Multimedia on the (Mobile) Web      Kovachev        316551
Tagging/Liking/Recommending      Cao        314720
Tag Integration for User Profiles      Cao        281565
Web Community Mining      Pham        314834
Web Trust & Security      Rashed        294019
Web-based Attacks      Rashed        228959
Web Metrics      Renzel        294036
Link Analysis & Ranking       Pham        244937
Web Caching      Renzel        287594
Recommendation Diversity      Kravcik        228233
Web Personalization      Kravcik        315836


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