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Web Science Seminar

Type Seminar
Term SS 13
Campus visit
L2P visit

Twenty years after the birth of the World Wide Web, Web Science has been becoming a new study field in Computer Science. This seminar researches advanced theoretical and practical topics in Web Science probably leading to master thesis topics. Topics include: Browser-based P2P Connections using WebRTC, Commsonomies, Context-Aware Recommendations, Frameworks for Shared Editing, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Life Cycles of Community Structure, Link Prediction in Social Networks, Multi-Agent Simulation of Social Networks, Opinion Mining in Dynamic Social Networks, Public Displays for Advanced Community Interaction, Social Network Analysis Methods for Tag Networks, Social Network Analysis in Open Source Software Community Research, Visual Analytics in Social Networks, Web Success Models & Metrics, Web Usage Mining, and Web-based Requirements Engineering.

Topic Assignment

In the introductory meeting on Apr 19, 2013, attending students provided prioritized selections of three topics each. Students not attending the meeting received automatic assignments. To find the most fair topic assignments, we applied the Hungarian Method ( The result is the following:



Students should contact their respective supervisors for an initial appointment as soon as possible!



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