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Informatik 5
Information Systems
Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Big Data in Personalized Medicine

Type Seminar
Term SS 17

Today’s health care and wellbeing technologies such as diagnostic imaging, next generation sequencing, molecular profiling, mobile and wearable technologies produce vast amount of data, which is by nature high volume, variety and velocity. Big data infrastructure and analytical methods has potential to create significant value by tailoring health care intervention and prevention to the separate needs of different groups, and yielding better outcomes. In this seminar students will explore the challenges and the state of art of applying big data technologies to the personalized medicine domain.

Topics will include cloud and mobile technologies, integration of data across the systems, real time analysis of structured and unstructured data, crowdsourcing, analysis of correlation and causality, predicting health trends, modelling virtual human being, in silico experiments, automated evidence generation, biobank management, multi-omic analysis, privacy in the context of health care delivery, prevention, wellbeing, research and translational medicine. Students will be supervised throughout their research.

It will be a block seminar. 

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