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Research Data Management

Research data are the foundation of scientific knowledge and new discoveries. Today we have a rapid explosion in scientific research. The amount of research published in 2014 (514,395) was more than triple the amount published in 1990 (136,545), more than 100 times the amount published in 1950 (4,432), and more than 3,000 times the amount published in 1940 (153). However due the lack of reproducibility, there is an increasing concern about the reliability of many experimental or observational results. With the increased digitization of research there are new possibilities to store and preserve research data with the benefits of making research more controllable and replicable. When data are available, findings described in publications can be validated, thereby increasing the trust. Also when data more easily reused, it will save resources and foster multidisciplinary research. Computer science tackle data sharing and reusability problem by developing new methods and tools to create an eScience ecosystem. In this seminar we will cover technologies to make data findable, diverse data access mechanisms, semantic interoperability technologies, data quality, provenance tracing, and reuse issues. Students with research interests in scientific data management, sharing, and reuse can participate this seminar and learn more.

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