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Campus Connect SOAp(raktikum)


Software AG’s Campus Connect is a case study in which you, the students, assume the roles of IT consultants working for a virtual consulting company. Your customer is the virtual university of Almamater that hired your team to integrate heterogeneous applications in a process-driven campus management system with the help of a service-oriented architecture and business process management. Within your team, you and the other participants will assume the typical roles of an IT project, such as project leader, analyst or GUI designer. Groups can implement either the SOA or the BPM focus. It is also well suited as a collaborative project.

Your team will receive extensive support from Software AG’s University Relations department. The scenario is the ideal preparation for your future careers working independently with professional software, and will additionally help you improve your teamwork and project management skills. After you have finished your project you will be awarded with a certificate of completion. This certificate will be a valuable asset for future job applications, proving you have successfully completed a project under realistic business conditions.

  • Your group will have to fulfill a number of certain (well defined) tasks by a certain, individual deadline. A final deadline is given by the semester constraints.
  • Your group will have to provide a short project report that explains the tasks, how they were accomplished and which challenges were encountered.
  • Your group will have to give an intermediate presentation of the tasks and project design, as well as a final presentation, presenting solutions and outcome.


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