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Courses offered in WS 15/16

  • Lecture: Semantic Web

  • Der Kurs befähigt die Studierenden das notwendige Wissen zu entwickelt, um daten-orientierte Web Technologien zu verstehen. Darauf aufbauend werden die Studierenden werden ebenfalls die notwendigen Fähigkeiten und Kompetenzen entwickeln um diese Technologien in Semantic Web Applikationen anzuwenden.

  • Lecture: Implementation of Databases

  • The lecture introduces basic technologies of the realization of database systems. Beside the coarse architecture (e.g. layered architecture) detailed procedures for the solution of special database tasks (especially query analysis and transaction management) will be discussed. The concepts of implementation will be applied to classical (relational model) as well as to more recent data models (distributed, XML). In addition to necessary theoretical fundamentals, practical concepts will be introduced that allow database administrators the efficient tuning of databases.

  • Lecture: Web Science

  • More than twenty years after the birth of the World Wide Web, Web Science has been becoming a new study field in Computer Science. This course introduces fundamental concepts (web centralities & algorithms, network models and web engineering principles) of Web Science. We then give an overview on regular and random network models. We will learn fundamental algorithms for web page ranking like PageRank and HITS as well as advanced community detection algorithms. The anatomy of recommender systems and dynamic processes on complex networks will finish this part. In the engineering part we dig into emerging cloud computing approaches and Post-HTTP protocols like the XMPP and WebRTC. We will learn about Web Services and their RESTful implementation. With the knowledge gained in the preceding chapter we can analyze and engineer advanced Web applications like video annotation environments, personal learning environments and storytelling environments.

  • Seminar: Linked Data

  • The World Wide Web made it possible to exchange documents and services on a global level - one can access and display documents from the other side of planet instantaneous, without prior agreement. Linked Data is a name for an effort to achieve the same for data - to make data accessible, usable, queryable regardless from where the data is coming from or what the contents is. Linked Data does not replace the the current Web. It adds instead an interoperable data layer based best practices, on open standards and technical components which define how data should be published and interlinked. The purpose of this seminar is to provide a conceptual and technical introduction to Linked Data and discuss individual approaches as well as state-of-the-art with regard to ….. An understanding of the basic concepts will then make it possible to discuss opportunities and challenges of Linked Data.

  • Seminar: Big Data

  • The Big Data era is upon us: data is being generated, collected and analyzed at an unprecedented scale, and data-driven decision making is sweeping through all aspects of society. This seminar will discuss recent results in Big Data research, e.g., Big Data integration, Big Data Analytics, Text Mining, Data Stream Processing.

  • Practical course (basic level): Unternehmensgründung und neue Medien

  • Unternehmensgründung und neue Medien ist ein Praktikum für Bachelor-Studenten, in dem die Erstellung eines komplexen Informationsprodukts erlernt wird. In diesem Semester stehen RESTful APIs in einer peer-to-peer Umgebung im Mittelpunkt. Voraussetzungen sind dabei Kenntnisse aus den Vorlesungen Programmierung sowie Datenstrukturen und Algorithmen.

  • Practical course (advanced level): High-Tech Entrepreneurship and New Media

  • The course combines tutorials and lectures on the development of complex information products with practical experience in start-ups on specific and typical IT-related problems of the companies taking part in the lab. Integrated into the concept of this course is the development of presentation and other soft skills. This term we offer projects ranging from mobile cloud computing to NoSQL databases.

  • Practical course (advanced level): Praktikum Informationsmanagement für öffentliche Mobilitätsangebote