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Big Data

The Big Data era is upon us: data is being generated, collected and analyzed at an unprecedented scale, and data-driven decision making is sweeping through all aspects of society. This seminar will discuss recent results in Big Data research, e.g., Big Data integration, Big Data Analytics, Text Mining, Data Stream Processing.

Type of the seminar

This seminar is offered as a "full" seminar for advanced Bachelor or Master students as well as a Proseminar for Bachelor students. Details about the organizational issues because of this "joint" seminar will be announced in the first meeting.


This seminar discusses the recent advances in Big Data. The topics will address the following areas:

  • Comparison of Big Data processing platforms (such as Apache Spark and Apache Flink)
  • Big Data Integration
  • Patent Analysis
  • Data Stream Management Systems
  • Event Detection in Data Streams
  • Big Data Classification
  • Big Data in Scientific Applications
  • Compute intensive scientific analysis: High Performance Computing (HPC) versus Big Data
  • Graph Computing in Big Data
  • Schema Management in RDBMS and NoSQL Database Management Systems
  • Predictive Analytics using Big Data
  • Big Data Analytics for Business Intelligence in Vertical Industries


The seminar will be organized as a block seminar at the end of the semester (January 27/28, 2016). During the semester, students will have to prepare abstracts, draft and final version of the seminar paper. Details about the schedule will be announced during a first meeting on Thursday, July 23, 2015, 10-11.30h (room 5053.2, opposite to AH 6).


The seminar addresses master and bachelor (in 5th or later semester) students in Computer Science (Informatik) or related study programmes (e.g., SSE, MI).

For students taking this course as a "Proseminar", there are no particular prerequisites, except interest in Big Data technologies.


Presentations should be done in English. The seminar paper should be also written in English, in some cases a seminar paper in German might be also possible.


Detailed knowledge about database systems or data management is necessary (e.g., by attending the lectures "Databases and Information Systems" and "Implementation of Databases"). For students taking this course as a "Proseminar", there are no particular prerequisites, except interest in Big Data technologies.

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