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Implementation of Databases

Typ Wöchentliche(r/s) Vorlesung
Semester WS 16/17
Scheinprüfung 10.03.2017 14:00
AH V, 5056, 5053.2
Wiederholungsprüfung 03.04.2017 10:00
Campus visit

The lecture introduces basic technologies of the realization of database systems. Beside the coarse architecture (e.g. layered architecture) detailed procedures for the solution of special database tasks (especially query analysis and transaction management) will be discussed. The concepts of implementation will be applied to classical (relational model) as well as to more recent data models (distributed, XML). In addition to necessary theoretical fundamentals, practical concepts will be introduced that allow database administrators the efficient tuning of databases.


TypDatumRaumBeginn ab
Vorlesung Tuesday, 13:30 - 15:00 5053.2 (B-IT Research School, opposite AH6) 18. October 2016
Thursday, 13:30 - 15:00 5053.2 (B-IT Research School, opposite AH6) 20. October 2016
Übung Tuesday, 13:30 - 15:00 5053.2 (B-IT Research School, opposite AH6) 01. November 2016


Introductory course to database systems (e.g., Datenbanken und Informationssysteme) which includes basic knowledge about the relational data model, query languages, database architectures, and query processing


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