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A Near Real-Time Collaborative Wireframing Editor for Agile Model-Driven Web Engineering

Thesis type
  • Master
Student Mario Rosenstengel
Status Finished
Submitted in 2017
Proposal on 11. May 2017 17:35
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Presentation on 28. Nov 2017 13:00
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In a recent master thesis a model-based community application generator based on a meta-modeling framework called SyncMeta was developed that allows near real-time collaborative creation of Web applications for Communities of Practice. Using it, community members can collaboratively model server- and client-side components and generate code via a simple click of a button. However, the user evaluation has revealed that members without technical knowledge would benefit from a paper-prototyping option, which often feels more familiar and closer to their idea and representation of the final software artifact. 

The aim of this thesis is therefore to develop an approach for shared editing of wireframes (paper prototypes) based on elements of the HTML5 standard. The shared editing features for creating the Web frontends should be built using our award-winning near real-time collaboration library, Yjs. Furthermore, the application should be realized as an extension of the community application editor, meaning that an approach has to be developed to transform the resulting wireframes to the frontend component model of the application editor and back again, allowing for an agile development with both paper prototyping and modeling sessions. The benefits that this approach brings forward should be investigated through an evaluation of the thesis outcomes in European projects currently running at our department.  

For more information see also this publication and this one.

If you are interested in this thesis please contact Petru Nicolaescu at or Peter de Lange at


Must: Strong knowledge of Javascript, Java
Nice: Shared Editing Systems, Web Technologies, Conceptual Modeling, Paper Prototyping Tools

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