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Evaluating the performance of all-pairs personalized page rank

Thesis type
  • Bachelor
  • Master
Status Cancelled

Recently, a new approach for computing the personalized pagerank (PPR) for all nodes in a graph was presented by the adviser of this thesis. Personalized pagerank can be used to determine how important specific nodes in a graph are from the viewpoint of a specific node, or set of nodes. For example, it can be used to determine which web pages are relevant for a user, given a set of pages he has visited before. The improvement which the advisor of the thesis devised is useful when the PPR has to be computed for all nodes in the graph. The gain in speed is due to reuse of already computed PPR values for other nodes and a clever ordering of nodes. The student working on this thesis will experiment with this technique and others. First, the student needs to investigate ways to parallelize the algorithms and analyse the algorithms and their parameters experimentally. For a master thesis, the student has to improve the algorithm to optimize loops and experiment whether other improvements in the ordering pay of (i.e., whether other heuristics for finding the order work better and can be computed fast enough to speed up the overall algorithm). Besides, the student would investigate parallel computation of the order and actual PPR. External resources: sections 3.2-4

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