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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Automated Semantic Data Labeling using Deep Learning

Thesis type
  • Master
Student Gregor Eeckels
Status Finished
Submitted in 2019
Proposal on 28. May 2019 11:15
Proposal room Bibliothek I5
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Presentation on 17. Dec 2019 10:00
Presentation room Seminarraum I5
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In the Internet of Things, and especially the Internet of Production, massive amounts of semi-structured data, such as sensor readings, process control data, log data etc., are generated at an ever increasing pace. While this data is abundant, extracting information from these source is typically hard due to the lack of semantic interpretability of the data, further rendering information sharing across organizational boundaries practically infeasible. Semantic Web technologies are a promising candidate for the solution of these challenges.

In the context of this master thesis, the student should design and implement a framework for the semantic annotation of tabular and other "string-like" data.


- A good understanding of Semantic Web Technologies and Ontologies
- Familiarity with at least one Deep Learning framework, preferrably TensorFlow and abstraction frameworks such as Keras or Lasagne

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