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A Web-Based Best Practice Exchange Platform for the Shop Floor

Thesis type
  • Bachelor
Status Running

The ongoing digital transformation of industry leads to a massive increase in collected data on industrial processes and goods. This data comprises material flows, assembly steps, but even user data of produced items after rollout to the clients. Yet, production management does not yet fully leverage the data collection. For instance, today, similar processes are often executed at multiple factories in different ways, leading to high opportunity costs and lacking exchange of experience. Although, for example, the drive train of a bus and a lorry may be constructed similarly, the assembly steps may differ significantly, even within the same organisation.

In previous work, we have developed algorithms that compare data from various systems like MES (machine execution system) and ERP (enterprise resource planing) and recommend similar processes, based on a feedback learning approach. However, these algorithms work in the background and are not easily accessible for employees on the shop floor. In this bachelor thesis, a web application should be developed that supports the knowledge exchange of employees, based on recommended similar production processes. Workers should learn from each other by gaining insight into similar processes, materials and tools used, and how they are assembled. Ideally, the app sends a notification to the corresponding workers' smartphones, once similar processes are identified. The workers may then open the app and get connected to their colleagues to exchange messages, pictures, and even short videos.

On a technical basis, existing services like idea generation within our tool Requirements Bazaar or microservices for comments should be reused, and plugged together in new promising ways. Finally, the applicability and usability on the shop floor should be evaluated.

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