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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Bluetooth Low-Energy Beacons for Smart Campus

Thesis type
  • Master
Status Finished
Proposal on 02. Jun 2016 13:50
Proposal room Bibliothek I5
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Presentation on 06. Dec 2016 17:20
Presentation room Bibliothek I5
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Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) beacons can deliver a location context to most consumer grade smartphones inside a building. In this thesis we make use of this technology in the education domain.

Cutting-edge technologies extend learning beyond traditional classroom environments and support learning. Though learning domain has been under investigation, the rapid growth of information technologies add a new layer of complexity to this domain that is not yet investigated.

The integration of location awareness on a micro-local scale, supported by iBeacon technology opens new possibilities to support students in smart campus. 

Several research projects exist that make use of this technology in the education domain. For example, visitors can be guided through exhibitions or museums or it can be used as an enabling technology in the smart campus. Knowing exactly position of students give us possibility to provide them with lectures schedule, meaningful notifications on their smartphones just-in-time at the right spot. 

In this thesis a mobile application will be developed based on iBeacon technology for the students, researchers and lecturers. User will get access to the hyper-local chat room, file-sharing service, lectures time-tables, etc. 

Our main goal is to innovate education domain, by focusing on engagement, cooperation and play facilitated by iBeacon technology. 

During the evaluation phase an application will be tested by students and lectures in the lecture rooms from RWTH.

Hardware and software components as also privacy issues have to be considered during this work.



Interest in learning new technologies, experience with Java, Web technologies

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