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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Enhancing Event Participation with Context-aware and Social Recommendations

Thesis type
  • Master
Student Bharath Reddy Pasham
Status Finished
Submitted in 2012
Proposal on 03. Jul 2012 00:00
Proposal room Seminarraum I5
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The advances in information technology shape event participation activities. Event participants use their mobile devices to access additional information about talks and presenters. They explore other participants' research background, personal pages or social network profiles, engage in micro-blogging discussions on Twitter, or read online proceedings.

Our Context-Aware Mobile Recommender Services (CAMRS) prototype provides recommendations about sessions and scientists at academic event venues. Using the publication records of DBLP and CiteSeerX we construct co-authorship and citation networks of event participants. By applying social network analysis (SNA) techniques we can infer the research social context of participants, i.e. collaborations and interests. Additionally, CAMRS combines the researchers’ social context with researchers’ spatio-temporal context at events. CAMRS thus addresses several issues at academic events, i.e. how to maximize oneself the social capital gain at academic event, how to identify which talks and presentations of interest and how to discern in the crowd those participants that could be potential collaboration partners?

The thesis tasks consist of extending existing CAMRS prototype with an improved recommendation algorithm, develop more responsive services and automatize event content curation.

The candidate should have a basic knowledge and interest in mobile (Android) development. The candidate should also have interest in applying SNA techniques.

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