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Informatik 5
Information Systems
Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
RWTH Aachen
Informatik 5
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Completed Theses

Concept embeddings for Wikipedia across language editions
Felix Ingenerf in 2019; Supervised by Prof. Dr. Markus Strohmaier, Prof. Dr. Stefan Decker; Advisor(s): Dr. Florian Lemmerich, Dr. Michael Cochez
Wikipedia is a free and openly available source of information curated by users. The content available varies between language versions. The question is now whether the content available, and specifically the associations between articles, is dependent or influenced by cultural differences between users (readers and editors) in different parts of the world. In this thesis the student investigates whether these could be found trough graph embeddings which are created on the Wikipedia link graph, the graph formed by interactions with Wikipedia and a graph formed by measuring similarity between pages.
Deep Learning-based Knee Osteoarthritis Diagnosis from Radiographs and Magnetic Resonance Images
In this thesis, the student investigates the use of deep learning techniques (especially computer vision) to perform diagnosis of osteoarthritis. The input to the system are both radiographs (X-RAY) and magnetic resonance images (MRI).
Identifying Media-Specific and Time-Dependent Patterns in Community Success Models
Jia Lai in 2019; Supervised by PD Dr. Ralf Klamma, AOR, Prof. Dr. Matthias Jarke
Assuming that best practices for organizing work and learning emerge from the visual analytics and comparison of real communities, the goal of this thesis is to analyze media transcription processes from real communities using data mining and machine learning.
Classification of Mechanically Ventilated Patients Based on Weaning Difficulty
Ilias Spyros in 2019; Supervised by Prof. Dr. Christoph Quix, Johannes Bickenbach; Advisor(s): Dr. Sandra Geisler, Jermain Kaminski, Arne Peine
Context based Travel Information Service
Travel information services provide itinerary based user travel assistance. The objective of the thesis is the user context analysis for multimodal travel situations, the design of a mobile device based context detection service and an information rendering service for user travel assistance. As proof of concept a functional prototype should be implemented and evaluated.
Development of a Mobile User Interface for a Bike Sharing System
- Use case analysis - UI paper prototyping - Mobile user interface design - Reference model design - Mobile application prototype implementation and generalization - Reference model evaluation
Decentralized Service Registry and Discovery in P2P Networks with Blockchain Technology
Tom Janson in 2019; Supervised by PD Dr. Ralf Klamma, AOR, Prof. Dr. Matthias Jarke; Advisor(s): Peter de Lange, M.Sc.
The goal of this thesis is the development of a distributed service registry and discovery system for las2peer. Conceptually, it should be built on the aforementioned previous results, namely the service discovery system, the application store and the community success measurement system. Technically, a blockchain-based solution should be developed that both allows and enforces developers to add their services to a community-blockchain, which can be used for authenticating service-origin as well as for inspection of available services throughout the network, including a connection to their success measurement.
Guided Search Algorithm for the Mobility-Oriented Agenda Planning Problem
The need of mobility arises from activities such as a meeting or a doctor's appointment. Often, when planning these kinds of activities the mobility to these locations is only planned after the activity is already scheduled, which may be a sub-optimal approach. While planning it is hard to comprehend which consequences a particular action, such as moving the location or time of an activity, has on the agenda and mobility schedule. The objective of this thesis is the analysis, design, implementation and evaluation of a mobility agenda planning assistance system in form of a graphical user interface which interweaves the mobility and agenda planning processes.
Continuous Learning for Indoor Localization based on Wi-Fi-Fingerprinting in Dynamic Environments
Laska, Marius in 2019; Supervised by PD Dr. Ralf Klamma, AOR, Jörg Blankenbach
In this thesis it shall be investigated how to apply deep learning to Wi-Fi finger- printing by continuously improving the models. Therefore, the stated challenges of dynamic environments and few labeled data, will be tackled.