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Competence Management with Social Network Analysis in the eTwinning Database

Thesis type
  • Diplom
Student Ergang Song
Status Finished
Submitted in 2011
Proposal on 20. Jul 2010 17:00
Proposal room Seminarraum I5
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Presentation on 08. Feb 2011 10:25
Presentation room Seminarraum I5
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Today, science and technology have developed faster and changed our lives greatly. The rapid increasing amount of knowledge and information causes the so-called information explosion. Theses make it become a great challenge for everybody, how to keep learning and training in whole life. In 2000, the European Council has decided to give impetus to a European Lifelong Learning (LLL) policy, a part of the Lisbon Strategy. eTwinning founded in 2005 is such a web 2.0-based project to support LLL of teachers eTwinning is a project of European SchoolNet (EUN) that aims to gather more than 65.000 teachers from 32 European countries and make possible the cooperation with others by organizing the projects. The projects are normally devoted to subjects thought in schools.

The amount of data stored in the database includes teachers' profiles, schools' data, information about collaborations/projects, special roles and awards of teachers, schools and projects. All the information makes from the eTwinning database the huge storage of data. The amount of data makes effect information retrieval and data analysis. Thus management of so called Big Data is extremely important for outcomes. The efficient data model allows quick and appropriate information retrieval. The visualization techniques make users free from information overload and make the data "speak" to non-technicians, e.g. the previous work with EUN eTwinning Social Network Analysis of 35.000 Schools

Self-monitoring and self-evaluation are key activities in the context of self regulated learning (SRL) [Kits02] [KiDa04], and are of especial importance. Recognizing the gap between reality and destination motives and helps people to minimize the gap. Therefore, how to help people to self-monitor and self-evaluate is an interesting question. Your task will include to build an appropriate competence management system for the eTwinning users to help them to observe their competences and how the competences changes within a time. You need to apply social network analysis techniques to the data. Definitely you need to consider data cleaning in the eTwinning database. You need as well estimate different variants in order to achieve efficient data structure and appropriate competence assesment.


The applicant should be open for interdisciplinary work. She/he should be experienced in databases(IBM DB2), XML and Java or the other object-oriented programming language and has a good mathematic background. The applicant should also be a good team player to cooperate with colleagues. The knowledge of English language is a benefit

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