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Data Virtualization of Machine and Process Data in a Data Lake Architecture

Thesis type
  • Bachelor
Status Running

The Internet of Production (IoP) offers real-time, secure information availability of all relevant data at any time, at any place and is regarded as the core of Industry 4.0. In this way, the IoP paves the way for a new era of production.

In this thesis we are interested in storing this data. In the project Internet of Production we envision the usage of a data lake architecture. However, as the project involves a multitude of different instituts with different data policies, not all data will ultimately be stored in a project-wide repository and therefore not in a central data lake. For this we envision an approach where we have one central data repository, i.e. the data lake, and from this data lake also (if given sufficient permission) want to include the data from additional data repositories at institues, which up to now are singular data silos.
For this, the idea is to construct a data virtualization layer, that may be running in the data lake and enables the users to operate on data that is in the data lake and data that is elsewhere and in the best case makes the user oblivious to where the data is actually stored.

However, this is not a concept applicable to all data, as this introduces new performance challenges and also challenges regarding the matter of expressibility of the language one can direct at the virtualization layer.

This thesis shall investigate the concept of the virtualization layer and the applicability of the same.

If you are interested in this thesis, a related topic or have additional questions, please do not hesitate to send a message to braun (AT)

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