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Demand-based Bus Routing

Thesis type
  • Bachelor
Student Andreas Heuvels
Status Finished
Submitted in 2015
Proposal on 09. Dec 2014 13:45
Proposal room Seminarraum I5
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Presentation on 18. May 2015 16:50
Presentation room Seminarraum I5
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The goal is to develop a bus transportation system for rural areas in which buses can change their routes based on demand from bus stops.

In urban areas, there is a large number of bus routes which are fixed since they visit each and every stop as pre-planned. High population density also requires them to be frequent to meet the needs. In less populated rural areas bus transportation should be adapted to their special requirements. More specifically: A small number of bus routes which are flexible and can change their routes so they only visit the stops with a demand for transportation.

The goal of the thesis is to develop an approach that addresses this issue and to implement it. Working knowledge of graph theory is a plus.

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