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Personalized Workflow Support for Visual Topic Analytics

Thesis type
  • Bachelor
Student Alexander Tillmann
Status Finished
Submitted in 2014
Proposal on 19. Dec 2013 16:00
Proposal room Bibliothek I5
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Presentation on 06. May 2014 14:45
Presentation room Bibliothek I5
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This thesis will extend our visual topic analytics tool D-VITA with workflow support by creating and implementing a user model for topic analytics backend as well as a data source selection and querying frontend.

Background: In a recently completed thesis we developed D-VITA, a visual tool to explore dynamic topic models of various data sources. D-VITA currently lacks a user model, a flexbile data source selection and processing workflow, and other features that are relevant for productive use.

Objective: In this thesis the student will build workflow support into D-VITA. This will include controlling access to topic analyses and backend components based on a user/community model. The thesis will also implement automation in the backend of D-VITA by piping crawler and dynamic topic modeling components. Pilot scenario is the dynamic topic analysis of conference proceedings using a DBLP crawler and the Princeton topic modeling library.

ContactDr. Michael Derntl


* Relational Databases, SQL
* Javascript
* Web technologies and protocols (HTTP, XML, Ajax, HTML5, etc.)

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