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Interactive User Interface for Querying Semi-Structured Data

Thesis type
  • Bachelor
Status Cancelled

In Big Data systems, data is usually organized in a semi-structured way, e.g., as JSON, XML, or CSV data without strict schemas. Because of this, query languages that rely on well-defined schemas, such as SQL, are not applicable in this case. On the other hand, there are query languages such as XQuery and JSONiq for semi-structured data, but there expressive power is too complex for regular end users and good user interfaces for these languages are yet missing.

The goal of this Bachelor thesis is to design and implement an interactive, web-based user interface (UI) for querying semi-structured data sources. The UI should be able to generate complex queries (JSONiq, XQuery) which can be executed in a Big Data system. The thesis should address the following aspects:

  • Review the state-of-the-art in the field of UIs for querying semi-structured data
  • Selection of appropriate technologies for the web-based UI
  • Design of a solution approach for the UI, including a technical architecture
  • Implementation of the approach using modern technologies (current JavaScript libraries, Apache Spark as backend system, etc.)
  • Evaluation and proof of usefulness of the UI based on realistic use cases
The thesis can be done in German or English.

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