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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Informatik 5
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Best Practice Sharing in Production Networks

Thesis type
  • Master
Status Open

The Internet of Production (IoP) offers real-time, secure information availability of all relevant data at any time, at any place and is regarded as the core of Industry 4.0. In this way, the IoP paves the way for a new era of production. The conceptual basis of our work on the information infrastructure behind is the Digital Shadow, a condensed, aggregated and reduced depiction of reality, on which we can perform various data operations.

In the work stream Long-Term Production Management, we analyze the comparability of production processes. Based on a detailed morphological analysis performed in a previous master thesis at the WZL RWTH, we already have a good overview about how to compare various processes manually. The next step is to develop a prototype, that allows us to automatically identify similar processes based on the previous analysis and highlights them. First, your research should cover similar systems that allow community building on top of production networks. We are also interested in literature about expert identification based on machine usage data. On a technical level, first, data needs to be transformed such that it becomes suitable for the morphological analysis and the master data of production sites. Based on this data, the production planner needs a configuration frontend to select processes based on his or her factory. In the long run, similarities should be automatically found to link similar processes and their planners. For reasons of simplicity, we initially only consider parallel processes within one company. Ultimately, employees involved in similar processes should be linked in a community to share their experiences.

The prototype needs to be developed using state-of-the-art Web technologies. On the frontend, we favor Web Components, while on the backend, a microservice-based framework should be used that is connected via a REST- or GraphQL-based API.

You are an ideal candidate for this thesis if you are not afraid of interdisciplinary work with real use cases. If you are interested in this thesis and have questions, please do not hesitate to send a short message to koren (AT)

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