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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Learning Analytics platform for Personal Learning Environments

Thesis type
  • Master
Status Cancelled

The aim is to develop a platform that collects relevant data from learning processes and visualizes it in a meaningful way in order to support different target groups – learners, teachers, and researchers/developers.

A long-term analysis of data collected on a learning platform can provide a valuable reflection for various types of users, which have different demands. Learners need to reflect on their personal learning progress and compare it with other peers. Teachers require an overview of their students’ activities and notifications or alerts where to focus their attention to. Researchers and developers benefit from the information on the usage of individual tools and their dependencies. A challenge is to support and cultivate self-regulated learning (SRL) skills, which requires monitoring and analysis of data collected over a long time. The ROLE platform turned out to be an environment for experimentation and further research on SRL approaches. In the ROLE Sandbox users can create personal learning environments (PLEs) using widgets from the ROLE Widget Store. Metadata of the used widgets and learning resources, user traces, as well as characteristics of whole PLEs provide valuable data that can be analyzed and visualized according to the need of the particular user. For instance, long-term aspects of SRL can be measured, like engagement and effectiveness. The main task is to design and implement suitable analytic methods and reflection tools in the form of widgets. The ROLE Software Developer Kit is available for this purpose.


The applicant should be interested in e-learning and have experience with Java and Javascript programming.

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