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Data Dependence and Indecisiveness for Locality-Sensitive Hashing

Thesis type
  • Master
Student Iraklis Dimitriadis
Status Finished
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Locality-sensitive hashing is used to speed up near-neighbor search in high dimensional space. When the distance of interest is cosine distance, Random hyperplane hashing (RHH) is used. This technique is based on randomly selecting hyperplanes. However, in some cases (when we have more information about the dataset) it seems reasonable to not choose the hyperplanes completely randomly. Further, if normal RRH is performed with a low number of hyperplanes, then the hyperplanes are likely to not cover the space very well. This thesis will be about choosing the hyperplane in a data dependent way and try to sample the hyperplanes such that they cover the space nicely (including a comparison with angular quantization).

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