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Prof. Dr. M. Jarke
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Mapping between Application Models and a Generic Data Model in Java/Scala

Thesis type
  • Bachelor
Status Cancelled

As the heterogeneity of data models is increasing with the popularity of new models like graph-, document-, or column-oriented models, there is a need for a simple unifying representation in data integration projects. Therefore, Fraunhofer FIT has designed a generic data model based on objects, types, properties, and relationships that can be used to represent that in relational, NoSQL, or other types of data sources. Some implementations (e.g., for MongoDB and relational data) have already been done. The generic data model is currently designed as a set of Java classes with specific functions to manage (create, update, delete) objects. Although the interface is simple, it requires additional programming effort to map an existing application model (a set of Java classes) to the generic data model.

To simplify this process, the goal of this thesis is to design a mapping framework in which a programmer can easily map between the application model and the generic data model. The framework should use some advanced features of the Java language, such as reflection and annotations. Alternatively (or in addition) the framework can be also implemented in Scala and use the meta-programming techniques in Scala. The thesis should address the following aspects:

  • Review the state-of-the-art for mapping frameworks in Java and/or Scala
  • Design a framework that can implement the mapping with as less overhead as possible
  • Implement the framework
  • Evaluate the framework for some realistic use cases
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