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Model Transformation using a Generic Metamodel

Thesis type
  • Diplom
Student Bin Tan
Status Finished
Submitted in 2012
Proposal on 19. Jun 2012 16:00
Proposal room Seminarraum I5
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Presentation on 22. Jan 2013 14:15
Presentation room Seminarraum I5
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The transformation of models between different modeling languages is a reoccuring problem in the design of database and software systems. For example, conceptual models represented in EER or UML have to be translated into logical models in XSD or the Relational Model.

The model management group at Informatik 5 developed the generic metamodel GeRoMe which simplifies this task. Models from various modeling languages can be translated into a GeRoMe model, or they can be generated from a GeRoMe model. However, specific modeling constructs which are not available in the target modeling language have still to be transformed into other modeling constructs (e.g., an IsA relationship in EER has to be translated to foreign key relationships in the relational data model).

The goal of this thesis is to automate this transformation process as far as possible using a logical, rule-based approach. A declarative approach has to be chosen as the system should be able to decide on its own which kind of transformation should be chosen in which situation. Given are only the input model and the set of modeling constructs which are allowed in the target modeling language. Another important result of the transformation process is a mapping which can be used to translate the data from the original model to the generated model (and may be vice versa).


  • Good knowledge about data modeling in EER, the Relational Data Model, and XML Schema (from the courses Databases and Information Systems or Advanced Data Models)
  • Knowledge about logical formalisms or logic programming
  • Experience in software development with Java

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