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Distributed Learner Model

Thesis type
  • Master
Status Cancelled

This master thesis is aimed to create distributed learner model by aggregating information about learner’s previous experience from open learning environments and social networks.

The distributed learner model will consists of different agents to perform its functionalities. An agent is a web-service that for example accesses web resources through the API and stores it locally. Agents should communicate with each other and their users through standard protocols and be created using a distributed, highly reliable and secure platform las2peer.

For example:

Twitter agent, will be created to collect used hashtags and keywords in the posted tweets. 

Facebook agent, will be created to gather basic information about the learner from Facebook, using the GraphAPI.

In order to identify learners, educational background and learning preferences Udemy, Coursera or Treehouse agents may be created. 

As a result, the information from different agents will further be matched and aggregated in the learner model. This model will be visualized using the latest web technology techniques. It will also be regularly extended in the future. 


Interviews and surveys with learners will be conducted during the evaluation. For this purpose a graphical method will be used, including the spider diagram of displaying multivariate data, such as security, retrievability, privacy, readability. The model will then be compared to other available models. 


If you are interested in this thesis please contact Kateryna Neulinger at




For more information, see the following attachment:

DistributedLearnerModelingBasic.pdf — PDF document, 44Kb


Web Technologies, Java. Interest in user modeling and social networks.

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