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Framework for Realtime Collaborative Modeling on the Web

Thesis type
  • Master
  • Diplom
Student Stephan Erdtmann
Status Finished
Submitted in 2014
Proposal on 10. Sep 2013 15:30
Proposal room Bibliothek I5
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Presentation on 06. May 2014 14:00
Presentation room Bibliothek I5
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The aim of this thesis is to create and implement a metamodeling framework that allows to define a conceptual modeling method and subsequent deployment of the defined method as a web-based app that supports realtime collaboration on diagrams using the XMPP protocol.

Background: The recent release of the Google Drive Realtime API demonstrates the popularity and timeliness of realtime collaboration applications on the web. Our research group has been pioneering applications in this area for years; for instance, in a recently completed thesis we have developed a synchronous, collaborative authoring environment for the IMS Learning Design specification based on realtime technology developed in the ROLE project.

Objective: In this thesis we aim to go a step further and create a generic framework for collaborative conceptual modeling with realtime synchronization of multiple clients. This metamodeling framework will support the definition of conceptual and visual aspects of a modeling language (e.g. using GraphML) and will support the creation of diagrams and models in a web-based user interface using HTML5 and Javascript. The support for synchronous, realtime collaborative editing of the models will be provided via the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) using libraries developed in the recently completed ROLE project. The framework will support the distribution of user interface elements among widgets in a collaborative modeling space. A storage strategy for models and metamodels will be defined, e.g. employing i5Cloud

The thesis will provide the concept and a prototypical implementation of this metamodeling framework along with a pilot application and evaluation. 

Contact: Dr. Michael Derntl

Results: This thesis is completed. The framework was called SyncMeta. On the SyncMeta page there are follow-up theses available.


* Javascript
* Web technologies and protocols (HTTP, XML, Ajax, HTML5, etc.)
* Basic knowledge in conceptual modeling

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