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Release PLEase! - Setting Up an Application Store for Personal Learning Environments based on an Agile Release Methodology

Thesis type
  • Bachelor
Student Adam Brunnmeier
Status Finished
Submitted in 2017
Proposal on 24.11.2016 16:20
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Presentation on 28.03.2017 15:30
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Responsive Open Learning Environments permit personalization of the entire learning environment and its functionalities, i.e. individualization of its components and their adjustment or replacement by alternative solutions. They foster Self-Regulated Learning and require a certain level of guidance and ways to share learning experiences, which can be easily achieved with the existence of an application store where learners can post their current learning setting or share widget-based applications which have been developed. 

In the context of the ROLE software, a former EU-funded research project, an open source SDK has been developed, which offers a PLE implementation where learners can collaborate and learn using Web widgets. A main outcome of the ROLE project was the ROLE SDK, which was available in different source code repositories and has been developed after the project end by different parties in different branches. The scope of the current thesis is to achieve a new release of the ROLE SDK after the existing M10, which should unify the main developments that occured within the software. 

The thesis should develop a store that can host widget-based applications and related content. Learners should be able to find these and use them locally or within a sandboxed environment using the above mentioned release. Furthermore, the cycle should adopt DevOps (agile) methods for enabling rapid prototyping and creation of content and to ease the deployment of the ROLE SDK for private persons and small and medium enterprises. 



Java, Javascript, Web Services

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