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Adaptive Filter-Framework for the MediaBase

Thesis type
  • Bachelor
Student Michael Hackstein
Status Finished
Submitted in 2011
Proposal on 28.06.2011 16:30
Proposal room Seminarraum I5
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Presentation on 20.12.2011 14:45
Presentation room Seminarraum I5
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With the rise of WEB 2.0 tools the users all over the world can communicate and collaborate with each other in a quick and easy way. The Media Base developed at the chair of information system presents a collection of tools to acquire, store and analyze data from WEB 2.0 communication channels. Different investigations were executed based on the Media Base data within different projects ranging from e-learning projects like PROLEARN to system development projects like CONTICI. The huge amount of data within Media Base open ups new opportunities for the community research. However, the Web 2.0 pools contain also the data, which can be disturbing for the analysis (spams massages, copied content in the reply massages). Obviously, there is a great need for efficient filters for the stored content. In this thesis a bundle of filter services which will provide basic filter functionalities and allow their easy extension and combination according to the project requirements need to be developed.


The thesis candidate should have knowledge on related and XML databases, Java, AJAX etc.

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