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View-Based Modeling in the SyncMeta Metamodeling Framework

Thesis type
  • Bachelor
Student Mario Rosenstengel
Status Finished
Proposal on 02. Feb 2015 17:30
Proposal room Bibliothek i5
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Presentation on 29. Jun 2015 17:05
Presentation room Seminarraum I5
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In a recent master thesis a meta-modeling based framework called SyncMeta* was developed that allows collaborative creation of (meta) models in near real-time by multiple users. The framework was implemented as a widget based user interface based on the open source ROLE SDK. In this framework, the diagram canvas always represents the complete view on the model. In the user interface, a single widget offers a drawing canvas to manipulate the model. For complex models and complicated modeling languages, this user interface metaphor is sub-optimal.

The aim of this thesis is therefore to conceive and implement a view abstraction in the present metamodeling framework. The idea is that the metamodeler is enabled to define views on the artifacts of the modeling language. A view is a representation of the model from the perspective of a set of aspects of the modeled system (e.g. the structural view of a software system). Implementing this in our framework will allow to flexibly generate and embed multiple widgets in the user interface, each representing a particular view of the model.

If you are interested in this thesis please contact Dr. Michael Derntl at


* Must: Javascript, Web technologies and protocols (HTTP, XML, Ajax, etc.)
* Good: Conceptual modeling, metamodeling

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