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Interactive Secure Multi-party Calendar Scheduling

Thesis type
  • Master
Student Jonas Nagy-Kuhlen
Status Finished
Submitted in 2018
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Calendar scheduling software enjoys great popularity as a basic tool for collaboration, but generally requires users to disclose information on their personal timetables. This thesis presents a novel approach for decentralized scheduling based on secure multi-party computation (MPC), allowing multiple parties to agree on an appointment date in a privacy-preserving manner. Previous work on MPC tended to look at the underlying cryptographic concepts in isolation, only vaguely relating to real-world applications. In contrast, the primary contribution of this work is the implementation of a fully functional prototype that incorporates privacy enhancing techniques while also taking practical requirements such as usability and flexibility into account. Scheduling is performed by first carrying out a public session setup phase, followed by the actual secure computation which evaluates a date selection algorithm expressed in boolean logic. It shows that the developed prototype comes close to existing scheduling software in terms of usability and allows interactive running times in the order of few minutes even for large numbers of participants, thereby proving that MPC techniques are in- deed applicable in practical use cases.

For more information, see the following attachment:

Presentation Jonas Nagy-Kuhlen MSc Interactive Private Multi-Party Calendar Scheduling.pdf — PDF document, 1808Kb

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