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A Multimodal Mentoring Cockpit for Tutor Support

Thesis type
  • Bachelor
Student Philipp Roytburg
Status Finished
Submitted in 2019
Proposal on 14. May 2019 16:45
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Presentation on 09. Sep 2019 15:00
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Learning analytics aim at providing an insight into the student’s learning process such that individual performance can be measured and thus provide the basis for individual student support. This thesis will utilize and evaluate existing mentoring solutions and aggregate them in a state-of-the-art progressive Web application. The outcome of this thesis will be a newly developed mentoring cockpit that meets the requirements of a holistic mentoring support experience.

In our recently started project tech4comp, we focus on scalable mentoring processes. To support mentors with the tools they need to provide adaptive and personalized tutoring, a set of learning services was developed and is currently under development. With the multisensor data fusion framework we aim at capturing learner experiences beyond Web-based solutions. Therefore, we use augmented reality learning experience models (ARLEM) to enhance the learning process by tracking user activities with different sensors. A second application, called the Distributed Noracle is used as a learner reflection tool, realized as a distributed, question-based dialog framework for inquiry-based learning. All of these services utilize our flagship peer-to-peer community platform las2peer as technical foundation. It comes with build-in social bot support, enabling both students and mentors to create customized bots that interact with the learning services. Finally, the whole learning experience can be monitored using las2peer’s service evaluation suite called MobSOS.

Currently, all of these services display their data individually. The combination of the available multimodal data should provide an aggregated view on the student’s progress, supporting the mentor with the information needed to guide and nudge the student into the right direction. The goal of this thesis is thus to develop a mentoring cockpit for multimodal mentoring tool support.

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