Extended Reality (XR) Training in the Metaverse – Various Thesis offers

June 3rd, 2022

Thesis Type Bachelor
Status Open
Supervisor(s) Ralf Klamma

Extended Reality (XR) training is using state-of-the-art concepts for creating unique learning experiences in the Metaverse. Using standardized descriptions of tasks and work settings in ARLEM, it is possible to record complex tasks like the maintenance of an aircraft or the handling of a 4D ultrasound diagnostic device and to replay it in an arbitrary new environment using modern XR devices like the Hololens or mobile smart phones.

The MirageXR COMMUNITY EDITION (CE) is the is the B2B Open Source solution of the MirageXR platform. This reference implementation of an XR training system for complex work environments is offered ‘as is’ for the XR developer community to use, update, and further develop. The platform is embedded in an eco-system of learning tools, like learning management systems, learning record stores.

The tasks of this bulk bachelor topics are managed as requirements from the stakeholder community using and developing the platform. Open requirements for MirageXR are available on the Requiremens Bazaar. By picking up a requirement you can do your bachelor thesis in a community of practice with topics ranging from core XR development in Unity to plugin development for the Moodle platform.

If you are interested, send your recent transcript and a comprehensive CV to


Knowledge in Mixed Reality Development welcome