Further development of a cyber-physical co-simulation environment to investigate the architecture and control of smart grids

April 25th, 2022

Thesis Type
  • Master
Florian Schmidtke

With the ongoing digitization in the energy sector, new challenges for the operation of power distribution grids arise. Cyber-physical co-simulation can help to investigate new concepts for smart grid infrastructures. The research department “Digital Energy” of Fraunhofer FIT develops technologies and methods for the operation, planning and security of digitalized energy systems and markets in cooperation with the chair of computer science 5.

The integration of decentral energy resources (DER) faces grid operators with new challenges either to expand their grids or to establish new operation strategies using the immerging flexibility potential. The transformation of the former centralized energy system based on a few powerful conventional power plants to a decentral system with numerous small-scale renewable energy resources requires the development of an appropriate information and communication infrastructure (ICT). This is needed to monitor and control the volatile generation by DER. Co-simulation environments allow simulating various parts of the energy grid independently while connecting them to consider the exchange of information explicitly.

The goal of this work is the further development of an existing co-simulation environment focusing on the monitoring and control of DER in the power distribution grid. The evaluation of the resilience of smart grid infrastructures can be part of the work.

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