Tokenization of Educational Credentials

March 8th, 2023

The digital transformation of academic and professional credentials is a burgeoning field, seeking to add more security, transparency, and traceability to the way we validate education and skills. One key innovation in this domain is the concept of “tokenization” enabled by blockchain technology. This thesis investigates the possibility, benefits, and challenges of tokenizing educational credentials, with a focus on assessing the technology’s ability to streamline the verification process, reduce fraud, and facilitate lifelong learning. Finally, the proposed solution will be implemented and evaluated for its performance, security, and usability.

Thesis Type
  • Bachelor
Presentation room
Seminar room I5 6202
Stefan Decker
Matthias Jarke
Fateme Fathi
Sulayman K. Sowe

The MyEduLife – The blockchain as a tool for decentralized storage of individual continuing education biographies project aims to provide a comprehensive platform for managing and tracking professional development and continuing education activities. As part of this project, this thesis focuses on investigating the possibility, benefits, and challenges of tokenizing educational credentials to securely store and manage individual continuing education biographies. The research will identify the specific requirements and challenges associated with integrating blockchain technology and digital wallets into the MyEduLife platform, and propose a solution for tokenization of educational credentials. Additionally, the thesis will explore the use of other relevant technologies to ensure the scalability and user-friendliness of the web application. The final implementation will be evaluated based on its performance, security, and usability, with a view toward potential integration into the larger MyEduLife platform.


  • Must:
    • Web Development Tools
    • Containerization & Orchestration Tools: Docker, Kubernetes
    • User experience (UX) design and evaluation
  • Beneficial:
    • Blockchain Technology
    • Smart contract development and Solidity programming language