Set Up Viewing Environment

The Collaborative 3D Model Viewing is provided in widgets for the Responsive Open Learning Environments (ROLE). Here you can create a workspace, setup a learning environment and invite other people to join you. ROLE allows you to combine the Collaborative 3D Model Viewing with many other widgets for collaborative learning.

Setting up the environment for collaborative viewing is really easy. If you do it for the first time, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a ROLE space here
  2. Log in (Use a Learning Layers account)
  3. On the "Edit Your Course" page next to the "Course room" entry two URLs are given. Do the following steps for each of them once:
    1. In the sidebar on the left by clicking the "+" symbol next to "Widgets". A popup window will appear.
    2. Copy the URL into the textbox in the popup window and click "OK".
  4. Enter the ROLE Space URL (e.g. on the "Edit Your Course" page.
  5. Invite others by providing the link to the space
  6. Select a model in the overview

3D Models

There is a database which already contains a list of models with some description and information. Most of these models are scanned from real object using the structured light scanning method. You can look through the database and investigate the models on this site by clicking the button below. If you want to view models in collaboration, you can find more information in the ROLE section.

Upload Your Own Model

It is also possible to upload your 3D model to the database, so you can view it in collaboration with others. You can add additional information and select a thumbnail afterwards. Models from 3D scans are usually very large. To use them on mobile devices and with a slow internet connection, please down-sample the model (e.g. with the free tool MeshLab).