Call For Papers

The First IEEE PerCom Workshop on Pervasive Communities and Service Clouds aims to offer researchers, Ph.D. students, and practitioners a forum to present and discuss research advances and challenges related to cloud computing support for pervasive communities. The workshop thus aims to enable the sharing of insights and experiences related to the development and use of cloud computing technologies, often called service clouds, for supporting pervasive communities. Pervasive communities are user communities that are enabled by pervasive computing technologies. Service clouds denote the totality of cloud computing services, applications, platforms, and infrastructure that comply with the service-oriented architecture paradigm.

Pervasive community services deal with data sensed and collected from the users' physical environments via networked mobile devices. Hence, they support data exchange, communication, and collaboration among mobile users. Pervasive communities of users with mobile devices and network connections have been increasing. Thus, the pervasive technologies to support pervasive communities face new requirements, e.g., related to mobility support, context-awareness, spatiotemporal intelligence, connectivity to communities, information sharing, collaboration, pervasive interaction, and privacy and security issues. However, the computational capabilities of mobile devices remain limited, when faced with pervasive communities who share large data volumes. Cloud computing technologies offer computational resources on a pay-per-use basis and are capable of abstracting technical details from the mobile devices. These technologies thus hold the potential for enabling pervasive community services with varying computing requirements in a cost-effective and scalable manner. Indeed, service clouds may envision future pervasive computing and enables innovative pervasive community services and applications.


Topics of interest include but are not restricted to the following topics:

  • cloud computing (services, platforms, infrastructure, and standards etc.) for pervasive communities
  • cloud computing for pervasive technologies
  • user-targeted pervasive, mobile and context-aware services and applications
  • location-based, temporal, or spatiotemporal services and applications
  • software architectures for cloud computing and pervasive computing
  • data modeling and management for cloud computing and pervasive communities
  • social software and Web 2.0 in cloud computing and pervasive computing
  • augmented reality for pervasive communities
  • security and privacy in cloud computing and pervasive communities

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