Semantic Web

November 24th, 2021

As part of the W3C Semantic Web initiative standards and technologies have been developed for machine-readable exchange of data, information and knowledge on the Web. These standards and technologies are increasingly being used in applications and have already led to a number of exciting projects (e.g. DBpedia, semantic wiki or commercial applications such as, OpenCalais, or Google’s KnowledgeGraph). The module provides a theoretically grounded and practically oriented introduction to this area.

Type Lecture
Term WS 2021
Assistant(s) Sascha Welten

The topics discussed within the lecture include:

  •  History of the Web and Semantic Web
  •  RDF syntax and data model;
  •  RDF Schema and formal semantics of RDF(S);
  •  Ontologies in OWL and formal semantics of OWL;
  •  RDF databases, triple and knowledge stores, query languages;
  •  Linked Data Web and Semantic Web applications;
  •  Semantic text analysis and information retrieval systems.


Good knowledge of database systems theory and practice