Decentralized ID and Access Management for Personal Health Train

May 12th, 2022

Thesis Type Bachelor
Status Open
Supervisor(s) Stefan Decker
Advisor(s) Yongli Mou

We are witnessing the disruptive achievements of artificial intelligence (AI) that are rapidly and comprehensively infiltrating into various fields of human activities with dramatic revolutions shaped by both theories and techniques. However, strict legal and ethical requirements to protect patient privacy are hindering the broad application of artificial intelligence techniques in medicine and healthcare. The Personal Health Train (PHT) is a novel approach, aiming to establish a distributed data analytics infrastructure enabling the (re)use of distributed healthcare data, while data owners stay in control of their own data. The main principle of the PHT is that data remain in their original location, and analytical tasks visit data sources and are executed on-site. In the current PHT architecture, each node (data holders as well as the central node) has a separate identity and access management system, which, on the one hand, increases the autonomies of each node, and on the other hand, lacks trust between the federation. A unified and centralized identity and access management service is a possible solution but still faces the problems, such as the single point of failure and low scalability. In the scope of this thesis, you will focus on a Decentralized ID and Access Management (DIDAM) and develop a Blockchain-based DIDAM system for PHT.

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