Seminar Data Stream Management and Analysis

July 5th, 2022

Low-cost sensors and high communication bandwidths open up new possibilities for applications that benefit from a high amount of data. Such applications produce data continuously, potentially unbounded, and at high rates, which is subsumed under the term data stream. Examples for applications fields are smart manufacturing, high-speed trading, fraud detection, robotics, or social networks. Data stream management systems are special systems which address the specific requirements handling data streams. In this seminar we will research recent topics in data stream management and analysis, such as data compression, online learning, or operator distribution. The seminar will be offered as block seminar.

Type Seminar
Term WS 2022
Mentor(s) Sandra Geisler
Assistant(s) Soo-Yon Kim

In this course you will learn how to

  • search for and read relevant literature for a certain topic,
  • structure your research,
  • write a scientific paper about your topic,
  • present and defend your topic,
  • read other researchers’ works and write a review about it,
  • moderate a paper session

Finally,  of course you also learn something about the field of data stream management and analysis  🙂.


Basic knowledge in databases and information systems.