Sensor Based Human Motion Comparison

November 16th, 2022

The aim of this thesis is to build a MLOps-based system to compare the variations in the motions executed while performing various sports-related movements. In essence, we are interested in comparing movements across multiple sensor-suit based recording sessions.

Thesis Type
  • Master
Chenhuan Gao
Presentation room
Seminar room I5 6202
Stefan Decker
Michal Slupczynski

In our currently running project MILKI-PSY, we focus on multimodal immersive mentoring to facilitate Self Regulated Learning (SRL) of psychomotor skills. To support mentors with the tools they need to provide adaptive and personalized tutoring, a set of learning services was developed and is currently under development. These (micro-) services are built in accordance with modern development principles.

Recent developments in wearable sensors, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and machine learning which allows modern computer systems to provide contextual support for learning psychomotor skills such as performing different sports. This allows to make use of a cross-domain approach to gather multimodal recordings of expert activities and to use these recordings to provide contextual feedback for learners. However, comparing complex data streams that result from such recordings across different body types and movement capabilities requires a complex algorithmic foundation.

To provide mentors and learners with a detection mechanism to help detect and understand differences in motion executions, the goal of this thesis is to build a framework capable of ingesting and comparing multiple motion data streams resulting from recording different actors performing a number of movements.

Potentially relevant literature:

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  • Must:
    • Python
    • Kuberentes, Docker
    • Web technologies
  • Beneficial:
    • Machine Learning
    • DevOps
    • Data analytics / visualization