Web3 Concepts and Applications

December 15th, 2022

This seminar will discuss the baseline technologies and concepts of the web 3 such as Blockchain, Distributed Ledger, Tokenization, Self-sovereign identity, etc. as well as its applications e.g. in a Metaverse. After the seminar the participants will understand the Web3 Basics and will be able to develop concepts for new Web3 Applications.

Type Proseminar
Term SS 2023

In the past we have experienced two web generations. During the first phase the web was mainly considered as an information economy in which users consumed information provided by few information providers (newspapers, company home pages). With the advent of interactive services the web became a social medium in which user became producers for information. These services were mainly provided by platforms such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc., thus this second generation is also considered as the platform economy. New technologies such as blockchain, distributed ledgers, self sovereign identity and decentralized data management build the foundation for the third generation in which the web supports decentralized asset management. For this purpose digital ore real world assets are represented as tokens. User can own these tokens in the form of Cryptotokens (Bitcoin), NFTs or various other forms. Thus this Web3 supports a token economy.