Developing a Flexible Interface for Agent-Behaviors inMulti-Agent-System Simulations of Electrical Power Systems

July 28th, 2023

Thesis Type
  • Master
Simon Consoir
Katharina Wehrmeister

Computer simulations are a proper tool for fast and cost-effective prototyping, while introducing
a high level of convenience for the evaluation and optimization of complex systems. In the
area of cyber-physical pwer systems like future smart grids, multi-agent approaches that are
modeling each component of the grid as an autonomous agent are a well suited basis for the
development and evaluation of decentralized control mechanisms for innovative advancements
of future power systems. To promote the interoperability and maintainability of the electrical
models as well as the developed agent behaviors, the separation of agent and behavior code
bases promises multiple advantages. This approach not only simplifies the independent development
of models and behaviors, but also allows to use different programming languages or
paradigms in both parts. However, such a separation requires a flexible interface between electrical
models and agent behaviors ensuring a proper connection and interaction between them.
In this work, a flexible interface between the electrical component models of the simulator for
cyber-physical distribution systems DistAIX and suitable agent behaviors should be developed
and compared with existing approaches found in literature.


  • A literature review of existing approaches and/or standards of behavior interfaces for
    multiagent- systems
  • Developing a flexible interface between electrical models and agent behaviors
  • Implementation of the developed interface into the DistAIX simulator
  • Evaluation of the implemented interface

  • Programming experience with C++
  • Basic knowledge about the simulation and modelling of electrical systems is beneficial
  • This thesis can be supervised in either german or english.