HiWi Position – Administration and development Support in BMBF Project MyEduLife

August 14th, 2023

As part of the MyEduLife project, our team is looking for assistance in the administration and development of a digital identity wallet.

Job Type HiWi
Extent Discussable
Status Taken
Contact(s) Fateme Fathi

Since 2018, the MyEduLife – The blockchain as a tool for decentralized storage of individual continuing education biographies project is running, and we aim to provide a comprehensive platform for managing and tracking professional development and continuing education activities in this project. Currently, we’re investigating and integrating our platform to an existing wallet and this call is primarily aimed at students who would also like to develop expertise in web3 and blockchain technologies.

For the first contract, we offer 4 months with a weekly workload of 12 hours.
Please apply with a meaningful CV and a recent transcript of your academic performance.



  • Experience in open-source development
  • Web technologies
  • Docker and Kubernetes
  • Blockchain and DLT technologies