Need for Speed: Evaluating Feedback Latency in Psychomotor Learning

November 30th, 2023

The bachelor thesis aims to contribute to the ongoing research project MILKI-PSY, which is centered around advancing Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) in psychomotor training through multimodal immersive mentoring. In the context of the project, we explore how various calculation mechanisms and hardware decision impact the latency of feedback in psychomotor learning.

Thesis Type
  • Bachelor
Presentation room
Seminar room I5 6202
Stefan Decker
Michal Slupczynski

The primary goal is to evaluate the influence of latency on the effectiveness of psychomotor skill acquisition within the MILKI-PSY framework. This evaluation will shed light on optimizing multimodal immersive mentoring for enhanced self-regulated learning outcomes.

Prior research has delved into the realms of psychomotor learning, and immersive mentoring. However, limited studies have specifically addressed the impact of latency on the efficacy of psychomotor skill acquisition in multimodal immersive environments.

This thesis endeavors to advance our understanding of the intricate relationship between latency, multimodal immersive mentoring, and psychomotor learning, ultimately contributing valuable insights to the field of self-regulated learning in training scenarios.


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  • Python
  • Unity

Optional: Familiarity with scientific experimental design