Seminar Data Ecosystems

June 13th, 2024

Organizations in many domains, such as manufacturing or healthcare, have a huge demand to exchange data to enable new services, drive research and innovation, or improve patient care.
Hence, organizations require alliance-driven infrastructures capable of supporting controlled data exchange across diverse stakeholders and transparent data management. Data Ecosystems are distributed, open, and adaptive information systems with the characteristics of being self-organizing, scalable, and sustainable trying to fulfil these requirements.
But there are many open issues, which make the exchange on a technological, processual, and organizational level a challenge. In this seminar, we will identify and discuss the main challenges in data ecosystems, such as data quality, data transparency, and data integration.

Type Seminar
Term WS 2024
Mentor(s) Sandra Geisler
Assistant(s) Soo-Yon Kim
Liam Tirpitz
Anastasiia Belova